A masterpiece made from presence.   Eckhart Tolle


An essential guide for living fully with illness.     Cancer Support Worker

To her peers, Ginger Cunes was a successful, dependable and supportive woman. It took a bout with cancer for Ginger to recognize an inner voice that propelled her through life at breakneck speed.

Ginger’s quest for healing is a brave exploration of the body-mind connection. Through relaxation, journal writing, meditation, objective awareness and other focusing techniques, Ginger comes to understand the power of her own thoughts in overcoming fear and anxiety.

It took coming face-to-face with her own mortality to realize how precious a gift life really is, and to start living every moment to the fullest

Ginger Cunes currently teaches meditation at Mount Royal College in Calgary. As founder of the HOPE Cancer Support Association of Alberta, Ginger shares with others, the knowledge she has gained from her process of living with cancer. She is the recipient of the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award (1991) for her passion and commitment to health and healing. Ginger Cunes has been cancer free since 1985.



Healing Beyond a Cure

The Personal Story of
Ginger Cunes

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